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4-I Jane Eyre Women’s Rights Speechwriting

A recent highlight of our senior English literature class has been a speechwriting activity based on Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel, Jane Eyre. In 4-I class, students have not only immersed themselves in the historical backdrop of 19th-century England but also skillfully integrated their comprehension of rhetorical devices with insights gleaned from the novel.

Their challenge was to craft a persuasive speech on Women’s Rights in the voice of Jane Eyre herself. Using historical research and their understanding of the novel, they practiced blending fact with opinion, deepening their connection to literature while being sensitive to the power of skillful language use.

To cap it off, many students volunteered to stand up in front of their classmates and deliver their speech. While more than a little anxiety swirled around this event, it was heartening to see the students light up as they addressed their classmates, and to witness the transformation in confidence that comes from young people having the opportunity to make themselves known and understood.